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Bought a House? Now What?

Posted by Laurel on May 17, 2021
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You Bought a House! Congratulations!

Now What?

Here is a list of things you do not want to forget after closing day!

Purchasing a home in 2021 in the GTA is no easy task, and the work does not end on closing day.


Closing day is one of the most exciting days after you purchase a home. Keys in hand and memories to be made. Beyond changing your address and hooking up your utilities …  I have put together a list of some of the most important tasks to remember once you have closed on a real estate transaction to ensure a safe and happy home in the months ahead.


Safety First

  1. Change the locks
  2. Change the garage entry code
  3. Install a doorbell with camera … we use the Nest and love it
  4. Check smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
  5. Locate any emergency shut offs and label as such

Save Money

  1. Change the thermostat to a digital one and add a schedule for heating & cooling
  2. Check insulation in ceiling & add some if needed
  3. Replace furnace filter
  4. Make sure all the vents in the home are open and clear of anything
  5. Install LED Bulbs throughout the home
  6. Check toilets and under sinks for leaks

General Maintenance 

  1. Do a deep clean & paint before you move in if possible
  2. Use your inspection report to make any suggested repairs
  3. Check your electrical panel and label it
  4. Schedule eavestrough cleaning
  5. Have a housewarming party … socially distanced I suppose!

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