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Tips to Look at Homes Like a Realtor

Posted by Laurel on April 1, 2022
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My Top 5 Tips to Look at a Property Like a Realtor.

My name is Laurel Legate and I am a team partner and realtor with North Group real estate in west Toronto.

Let me show you the things I look for.

So you see a new listing that meets your needs and the photos look amazing so you book a showing. When you arrive you know that the staging and the marketing are working overtime to make you fall in love with the property.

Here is what I look for during a showing to keep the emotional attachment in check and build leverage for possible negotiations.

  1. Location
    1. This is huge. Considerations are the neighborhood and community, amenities and transit, the lot, yard size and slope of property and of course the parking available
  2. Staging Tricks
    1. Don’t be fooled by smoke and mirrors. Staging 100% works and brings more value than properties that are not staged. BUT be aware that perhaps the beds or tables are small to make the space feel larger than it is. Look under carpets and under sinks for signs of water damage. Look for signs of recent repairs and updates as well
  3. Electrical and Appliances
    1. Test outlets, switches and appliances to ensure they work
  4. Rooms
    1. Look at sizes and locations of the rooms and picture your furniture in the space
  5. Basement
    1. Lastly, look through the basement with a critical eye. Look for water stains and make note if the basement smells musty. Is there an extra dehumidifier in the basement … or buckets … shop vac … tools for cleaning up water.

At the end of the day keep a critical eye open and trust your gut.

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