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Planning to Build a House

Posted by Laurel on April 6, 2020
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Our Completed Renovation in Long Branch

Were you Planning to Build a House?

Are you still planning to build a house ? Or thinking of renovating instead? Dreaming of your dream home since we are spending so much time inside it these days? It is truly a beautiful thing to walk into your home everyday and feel the pride that comes with designing, building and surviving a major renovation.

Like thousands of people in the GTA every year we just had a major renovation done to a house we purchased in August 2018. We moved in to our incomplete dream home in August 2019. the whole process from buying and renting and renovating was a great way to ensure our home met the needs of our family. 4 kids. 2 adults. 1 dog. 1 two bedroom basement apartment. It wasn’t easy financially or emotionally & we learned a lot along the way. 

My advice to you if you are planning to a major renovation anytime soon.


Ask the tough questions.

  • Costs need to be considered on both sides!!
  • Do you love your home & your neighborhood?
  • Can your family handle the stress?
  • Necessary renos need to be done either way
  • Zoning allow for this type of renovation at this property?
  • Is the end value worth the investment?


You want to build your dream home? Need more room?

  • Renovations almost always build more equity in your home
  • Equity builds wealth
  • Investment property in your future?
  • Customize the home to your taste
  • Save money … but not always


Do not rush the planning process

  • Financing & Set budget
  • Assess condition of the home & needs analysis
  • Draft plans – Most important – Planning Scope of Project – Hire an Architect
  • Hire a contractor – Layout expectations from the start
  • Live in or our during the renovation? Extra rental costs!
  • Permits – almost always need a permit 
  • Plan Review Process
    • Zoning review
    • Building Code review
    • Mechanical Plans Examination
    • Fire Prevention Examination
    • Receive Results
  • Begin with Structural jobs & building components & demo
  • Space it out & work out the details 
  • The final touches & landscaping
  • Enjoy!!

If you are looking for referrals for architects or other contractors to help I have put together a list for you.

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Wishing you all the best,

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