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DIY Projects During Isolation – Ideas to Boost Your Homes Curb Appeal

Posted by Laurel on March 30, 2020
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10 Ideas to Boost Your Homes Curb Appeal  


Looking to increase your home’s curb appeal without completely breaking the bank?

You are at home isolated with a lot of time on your hands. I’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 Ideas to Boost Your Homes Curb Appeal. 


Cleaning your Roof and Eavestroughs

Your roof is something you probably do not think about often, as it is usually over your head!

However, when it comes to curb appeal, a clean roof and eavestroughs can go a long way. The roof of a home is critical and can be a large expense item. Clogged gutters with a mossy roof can lead new buyers to believe that the home is being neglected. Take a look at your roof and eavestroughs from the street.  If you see any debris clean it up! 

Perfectly trimmed hedges and trees

Hedges and Trees can give a house that homey feel from the outside, if done correctly.

You must ensure that your trees and bushes are not hiding your home, but enhancing it. Pruning the hedges can add great curb appeal to your home & you can do it yourself. Click here to see a “How to” about how you can trim your own hedges at home. Any dead or distressed trees should be removed by a professional. I highly recommend Karma Tree in Long Branch. They helped me personally before isolation. Click here to visit Karma Tree

Power Washing

Power Washing is a great way to refresh any outdoor space. You can use a power washer to clean up the walkway to your home, your driveway and your front or back porch. With a little TLC your walkways can look as good as new. Remove all of the built up dirt and grime to reveal the clean stone or brick. I would also recommend this if your home has siding that is in need of a facelift. Cleaning your outdoor space is just as important as cleaning the inside of your home before putting it on the market. 

Adding flowers to brighten your space 

Greenery is a great way to increase your curb appeal, but adding some colour with florals can really liven up your outdoor space. Flowers are an inexpensive way to make your home look fresh, inviting and lively. Make sure you add mulch to your flower beds and to research what flowers will thrive in your climate. Adding flowers to your garden will increase your curb appeal and show potential buyers that your home is well looked after. 

Outdoor Clutter 

Clutter doesn’t just happen inside your home, but can also happen outside too. When trying to increase the curb appeal of your home, make sure to take your car, trash cans, bikes and kids toys into the garage. A potential buyer is trying to envision what their lives would be like in your home, so removing the clutter is a great way to depersonalize the outside of your home. Removing outdoor clutter will make your home look clean, fresh and organized.

Refresh with Paint 

Adding a bit of paint is a great way to freshen up the outside of your home. Painting the trim can give your home an updated appearance as well as a modern look and is much cheaper than painting the entire outside of your home. Make sure you consult a professional to help you select the colour that will be the most appealing to potential buyers. It’s crazy how far a little bit of paint can go when it comes to curb appeal, as you are able to freshen up your trim, windows, panels or shutters. 

Cut your lawn 

A fresh manicure can give you all the confidence you need to take on the day, same goes for your lawn! Your front lawn can seem insignificant, but it makes all the difference when it comes to the curb appeal of your home. Make sure you take care of any dead grass or brown patches and that the grass is trimmed and uniform. This can make your home look taken care of and well loved, allowing potential buyers to appreciate the property. 

Add Some Furniture 

If you have a front porch, then this one’s for you! Having timeless, clean and chic furniture on your front porch creates an inviting space before a potential buyer even goes inside your home. From a curb appeal standpoint, having clean and fresh furniture is the icing on the cake. 

Clear and clean house number 

When your house is on the market it is important that your house number is visible so that potential buyers can spot your home. Ensure that your house number is not only visible, but clean and clear. If it’s currently in an outdated style you can purchase a new fresh and modern house number for a low price that can spruce up your curb appeal. 

Outdoor Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting to your home can create an elegant atmosphere. You can add lighting to your walkways, flower gardens as well as the exterior of your home to create a great ambience. Next time you’re out at night, take a look at houses with versus without exterior lighting, it can make all the difference. 


I hope that these tips and tricks can help you elevate your outdoor space and increase your home’s curb appeal. Stay tuned for more Home Reno advice here on my blog. 


Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Home.

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