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What to do if your Basement Floods

Posted by Amin on April 5, 2021
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What to do if Your Basement Floods this Spring?

Spring is here and every year thousands of Toronto basements are flooded with water.

Especially in South Etobicoke because the water table is so high. Particularly in Long Branch with the underground hidden creek system.

When you or a friend or family member find themselves with water in the basement there are a few important steps to take to ease the stress and reduce the damage.

  1. Call Toronto Hydro first to have your power shut off in case the water level rises to outlets
  2. Remove water & Dry area with fans & dehumidifiers
  3.  Call 311 if you suspect the water may from a sewer back up
  4. Call your insurance company
  5. Take Photos of damage
  6. Keep receipts for any emergency repair & clean up

If the flooding is a result of a blocked drain pipe, leaking foundation walls or poor lot drainage on your property, then you are responsible for repairs and any subsequent damage caused by flooding.

Keep Your Family’s Health & Safety in Mind.

You may be exposed to unsafe materials in the water or leftover after clean up. Also, electrical accidents may occur because of contact with water and electricity.

  • Hire a professional cleaning company
  • Keep children and pets out of the affected area until cleanup has been completed.
  • Wear full-length clothing, gloves, protective eyeglasses, rubber boots and a mask.
  • Stay away from electrical equipment. Have a licensed electrical contractor assess the situation to determine if there are potential electrical hazards.
  • Water could extinguish a pilot light on a gas appliance. If you detect gas, leave the house immediately and contact the gas company.
  • Discard all contaminated items that cannot be washed and disinfected (i.e. carpet).


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